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Microcomputer thermocontrol  film thickness Die Head

1.Innovation: Die head is one of very important blown film extrusion machine, die gap which locates between die cap and die core is the major factor of film thickness. It always needs an experienced operator to adjust die gap with screw on the die cap, regulating temperature of die cap is relativel


• New R&D high quality two layer air ring, the first lip volume of air can be adjustable. • Adaptable to new and existing dies. • LDPE/LLDPE configuration for selection, the lip can be adjustable, advance design with rotary ,in which HDPE/LDPE cab be exchangeable by changing the insert portion.


The design of a plastic injection pre-filter, including a body throughout the material pipeline, and the body is formed with the through the feed pipe connected, and the opening of the plug tube set the column of a plug, the plug column to set up a filter. By simple structure can remove the plug co

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Blown film coming out from 3 layer Die Head can’t reach the requirements of the strength, precision and transparency of plastic bags in electronic and medical field. That’s why we develop 5 & 7 layer blown film Die Head.The numbers of layer are based on blown film Die Head. Durableness of a Die Head is very important, so high-carbon and medium-carbon alloy steel are used to make sure to meet the quality.
Through complete and integrate manufacturing process from heat treating, CNC lathe and five sides CNC machining to electroplating, finally a precision blown film Die Head has been created accordingly!
HORNG TAIR President Wu, Yu-Kuo insists continuous design research & development, Innovation and quality assurance, and overcomes serious financial turmoil then turns HORNG TAIR from small OEM contractor to a well-known leading enterprise. Currently besides Taiwan, In China and Vietnam now have several sales office and agents.In the future, Horng Tair will be more concentrated on design capability of 9 layer or more and auto-adjusting blown film Die Head. For the coming year, Horng Tair management team will be via foreign exhibitions to show their products has totally
Been consistent with international top ranking!